Expectations Versus Reality (What To Do When The Honeymoon Is Over)

Young professionals have high expectations of what they will experience during their first year on the job. We help graduates and interns to develop realistic expectations and process frustrations that might hamper their transition into their professional roles.

Improving Self-Awareness (Uncovering Hidden Barriers To Personal Success)

Providing early career professionals with self awareness techniques will assist them in being able to identify potential blindspots in terms of how they show up in the world of work. This processes necessiates being open to constructive feedback, which is often challenging within a diverse team.

Tools For Effective Transitioning (Learning How To ‘Fail Forward’)

Many people flounder when needing to adjust to multiple ‘firsts’. Due to the pressure to maintain the illusion of perfection, early career professionals often don’t realise that it’s ok to ask for help – or that experiencing failure are necessary stepping stones on the pathway to success.

Effective Business Communication (Why Becoming A Public Person Is Crucial)

One of the most common struggles that team leaders face when integrating graduates and interns into the business environment is due to gaps in their communication skills. There are many underlying factors that contribute to this, such as cultural norms that need to be reinterpreted for the workplace.

Interpersonal Intelligence (Finding Your Place In Your New Team)

Many young employees need to learn how to speak up effectively in the workplace, which improves with experience over time. Not feeling heard is one of the primary reasons that graduates cite when looking for alternate roles.

Managing Your Salary (Financial Mastery For The Real World)

When employees gain (and apply) crucial financial literacy skills early on in their careers, it helps to establish a strong and healthy financial foundation that will pay dividends for decades. This module covers basic and intermediate financial management concepts, which is adapted to specific group needs.

Creating A Career Plan (Leveraging Your Current Role For Long Term Success)

No job or organisation can provide an individual with a core life purpose. When employees try to find meaning in a particular job role, they will face persistent frustration until they uncover their unique purpose and can learn to align their personal ‘why’ to the organisation’s bottom line.

Personal Leadership (Shifting Out Of Victim Mode)

Unresolved traumas and intrapersonal conflicts are often at the heart of disengagement in the workplace. This module has been designed to help employees identify their current life narrative, assess whether it is serving them positively and if not, discover avenues to process personal pain so that they can live, love and work from a place of wholeness.

Developing An Intrapreneurial Mindset (How Would You Work If This Was Your Business?)

Agile organisations require flexible, innovative and creative individuals at all levels of the business. We provide guides on cultivating intrapreneurial approaches in this module and help employees to think beyond the confines of their current job descriptions to connect to the big picture targets of the organisation.

Becoming A Worker For The New World (How To Become The Hero Of Your Own Story)

Learning doesn’t stop once you step off the graduation stage. We provide tools to interns and graduates in this modules that will enable them to continuously lean into the learning gap, become a lifelong learner, and take ownership of their professional journey.

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