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Practical training on how to pivot relationships, career and finances in a post-COVID-19 world

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Upskilling, Reskilling and Cross-skilling has never been more crucial

As thousands of employees are reeling from job losses as a result of the prevailing COVID-19 crisis, this programme has been designed to help individuals to reboot their professional lives.

Our Whole Person Academy Work_Reboot Programme© guides individuals through the following transition process:

  1. Executing a life audit (relationships, career, finances)
  2. Creating a refreshed vision and purpose statement
  3. Redefining relationships
  4. Designing a new life roadmap
  5. Leaning into the learning gap
  6. Exploring strategies to pivoting into new directions
  7. Redefining work and finding the sweet spot


our approach

Wholeness Training Builds Long-Term Resilience


As millions of people face job loss and a subsequent crisis of identity, the opportunity exists for individuals to refresh their core beliefs and motivations about work.

The financial strain on families is likely exacerbated by high levels of consumer debt. This is the time to rethink, reinvent and reskill in order to thrive in the new world of work.


Those who will be able to rise above the challenges presented by covid19 job losses, will be those who can root themselves in a deep sense of intrinsic worth.

We will help individuals identify their core skills sets, innate talents and abilities. They are then able to design a new roadmap that will help them restore harmony in their relationships, career and finances.


“We noticed an increase in staff motivation and engagement following skills training presented by Whole Person Academy. I found their custom analysis to understand the need of the business, as well as the dynamics of the employees, refreshing.”

Kim Morris, Human Resources Manager

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