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The Wholeness Triad

We work with clients to remove the veil of perceived skills needs to identify the real training gaps. Human beings cannot seperate who they are from what they do. This is why we work from the inside out – behaviours don’t change until  beliefs do.

Our programmes are designed to tap into the intrinsic motivation of each employee, by helping them discover their unique gifts and passions.

Once they understand their personal purpose and mission, it becomes easier to connect their everyday efforts to the organisation’s bottom line.


who am I?

We help individuals to allow their head and their heart to work together.

what work makes me come alive?

Work is not created equal. Until individuals find the work that makes their hearts sing, the will continue to work from frustration.

how do I work with others?

Talent is not enough to thrive in the new world of work. Individuals need a high level of self awareness to be a strong team player and an efficient leader.

what value can i bring to the market?

Everyone has unique talents and gifts to offer the world. We provide the tools to dig out the treasure within!

bringing my best to work

Powerful individuals take responsibility for their lives – no blaming, no excuses. Personal accountability is profitable.


current reality

When people experience sudden job loss, their sense of identity is shaken. It is a time of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, throwing the brain into choas.

purposeful intervention

Most people will be able to overcome adversity when they have a guide to help them navigate the below the surface truths about their intrinsic, identity and worth.

unlocking possibility

Once they are able to grab hold of some personal development keys, such as purpose, meaning and vision, they are able to design a new blueprint to adapt to the new world of work.



The training and development solutions provided by Whole Person Academy (WPA) focuses on helping employees to amplify their emotional intelligence by connecting their heads with their hearts.

Our Wholeness approach involves strengthening the individual. The Greek word eirḗnē (from eirō, “to join, tie together into a whole”) defines wholeness as a state when all essential parts are joined together, creating a state of inner harmony.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about wholeness training?
What sets Whole Person Academy apart is that we specialize in uncovering the hidden barriers to success across the employee life cycle.
tell me more about the wholeness approach?

We care about helping individuals take charge of their lives by developing an owner mindset when it comes to their job roles – and that includes assessing the quality of their relationships (personal and professional) and defining their level of money management. Relationships, career, finances – we call it the wholeness triad – it’s all interlinked in the way that any employee shows up in the workplace.

how do you help early career professionals?
Most tertiary institutions have an iteration of a first year support programme, aimed at helping first year university students adjust to the rigours of university life. Although employers expect graduates to be work ready once they enter the professional world, the reality is that academic training fails to provide essential life skills to support early career professionals with their transition into the real world. This programme aims to fill this training gap.
how do you support mentorship programmes?
Everyone understands the importance of mentoring. Not everyone knows how to mentor someone. Even fewer understand how to be mentored by someone. In this practical training programme, prospective mentors and mentees are provided with clear guidelines and effective tools to creative positive mentoring relationships.
Do You provide resilience training?
Yes, resilience modules are incorporated into all our training programmes. The people who will not just survive – but thrive – in the new world of work will be those who have developed the characteristic of resilience.

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