TEDx Speaker Cheryl Benadie The Wholeness Guide

Cheryl is an inspirational speaker who delivers thought-provoking presentations that challenge audiences to harness their innate power and become the heroes in their own lives.

This iconoclastic first-generation professional has navigated 16 job titles, eight industries and three careers over 25 years, so she understands a thing or two about constantly reinventing yourself to meet the changing demands of the working world.

Her experience as a higher education fundraiser at four of the Top Ten SA Universities has given her keen insights into the work readiness skills gaps of graduates, especially first generation professionals.

She is the author of The Wholeness Revolution and Managing Money In the Real World, showcasing her own journey to wholeness and provides inspiration on how victims of multiple forms of trauma can heal, recover and grow to become victors.

Cheryl’s Keynote Topics

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Lead From Power, Not Pain

We access our true power when we dare to heal from the pain of the past and live as a victor, instead of living like a victim.

In this talk, delegates will receive tools on how to rewrite their stories from a place of power.

Our deepest wounds in childhood can be forged into our most powerful weapons in adulthood.

How To Live As A Whole Person In A Broken World

Mental health challenges are increasing globally at alarming rates. How do we find the strength to hold onto hope during dark times? 

Wholeness, reconnecting head and heart, might just be the answer we’re looking for.

Leveraging the science of neuroplasticity, we have the power to change our thinking, rewrite our stories and live on purpose.


Unleash Your Inner Hero

It’s time to become the main character in your story.

When we try to find identity from work, relationships or money, we find ourselves falling into a downward spiral. We often do this because we are trying to hide from our true greatness.

But the world needs what is inside of you – and it’s time to unleash it.

Becoming A Money Master

Woundedness shows up in our wallets.

Our relationship with money is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

Once we start decoding the roots of our beliefs around money – and what we believe about ourselves, we start to control money, instead of money continuing to control us. 


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