Our Approach

Whole Person Academy has a team of professional facilitators and coaches that are passionate about personal development.

We aim to build a long-term relationship with our clients because change is not instantaneous. Our team cares about helping individuals take charge of their lives by developing an owner mindset when it comes to their job roles – and that includes assessing the quality of their relationships (personal and professional) and defining their level of money management.

Relationships, career, finances – we call it the wholeness triad – it’s all interlinked in the way that any employee shows up in the workplace.


Our Beliefs

Everyone on this planet has innate personal power

True power comes from within. Regardless of the external environment, each individual possesses inherent strengths that will help them triumph over negative circumstances.

Inner harmony enables overall success

An individual is made up of three parts: spirit, soul, body. These parts operating in harmony strengthens individuals from the inside out.

Strong character builds a lasting legacy

Every person that is intentional about reaching their highest selves is part of the solution that the world needs to be whole again.

Founder’s Story

As a first generation professional who has navigated 14 job titles, eight industries and three careers over a 22 year period, Cheryl Benadie understands a thing or two about thriving in the midst of adversity.

A passionate trainer and facilitator, Cheryl Benadie has over two decades of work experience in the fields of Journalism, Communication, Publishing, Training and Development and Fundraising.

After a decade in higher education, she developed key insights into the workplace training needs of graduates. In various roles, she managed teams of interns and student assistants. She has also served as the media spokesperson at various universities.

She launched Whole Person Academy to help graduates, interns, entrepreneurs and employees rediscover the joy of work and to thrive in the 4IR.