“It is an act of rebellion to live as a whole person in a broken world.” - Cheryl Benadie

Embracing wholeness (reconnecting head and heart) is a way to address the increasing mental health crisis globally.

The wholeness triad of relationships, career and finances form the basis of the wholeness approach. We cannot separate who we are from what we do.

We firmly believe that it is possible to live from a place of wholeness amid a broken world and have designed training programmes to help individuals create harmony in the areas of relationships, career and finances.

Helping professionals align these areas of personal growth empowers them to develop resilience and lead the change in the evolving world of work.

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Why focus on wholeness?

Mental health is an increasing urgent area of focus for university staff as they create the necessary support for students to thrive. Cheryl Benadie was deeply impacted by the loss of a promising student, Mikhail Hendricks, while working at Stellenbosch University. We can’t lose any more of our incredible students. Obtaining a university degree is the first stepping stone on the pathway to personal success. She designed these interventions to support university students and early to mid-career professionals with vital emotional intelligence, social and workplace skills, helping them to be more confident as they navigate their professional journeys.

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Why fostering Wholeness at Work matters

Wholeness Training Builds Long-Term Resilience

Our approach to training takes a ‘deep dive’ into the roots of behaviour and underlying motivation. We are intentional about helping employees to uncover their core beliefs about work, identity, value and purpose. If there is no real heart change, there can be no lasting behavioural change.

Our programmes are designed to tap into the intrinsic motivation of each employee, by helping them discover their unique gifts and passions. Once they understand their personal purpose and mission, it becomes easier to connect their everyday efforts to the organisation’s bottom line.

Our Wholeness approach involves strengthening the individual. The Greek word eirḗnē (from eirō, “to join, tie together into a whole”) defines wholeness as a state when all essential parts are joined together, creating a state of inner harmony.

Relationships, career, finances – we call it the wholeness triad – it’s all interlinked in the way that any employee shows up in the workplace.