Work that feels meaningful feels like a luxury.

When we hit crisis mode, whether pandemic induced or otherwise, we can’t think about what feels good. We just need to work so that we can pay our bills.

Once things stabilise, we are grateful to have a job that offers us a sense of permanence, even though we may have compromised to take on that role. Most people operate in survival mode at work.

There are some parts of their job they like, other aspects of their job (maybe a toxic work environment) that they hate, but overall, have accepted that this is the way life is supposed to be.

The gnawing feeling of dis-ease is temporarily soothed by leave days, annual bonuses and the odd moment of appreciation.

But what if you’re right?

What if there is more to work than just going through the motions? What if there was a type of work that you were wired to do? The kind of work that makes you come alive when you’re doing it? When it feels like time suspends and you’re lost in a beautiful symphony of passion and joy?

That’s your professional sweet spot – and few have the courage to discover it.

It costs too much.

One would need to consider a different professional pathway to the one already prescribed. It requires courage to admit that yes, there is work that one might be good at, but there is also work that one loves to be good at.

One might need to risk ‘building their own road’ of opportunity, costing time, effort, uncertainty, and potential financial instability.

Are you that one?

The one who is ready to explore what might result when passion meets purpose? Who is willing to share more of themselves than what a job description requires? World changers never wait for permission – they act on what they know is inside of them to do. They change the world by transforming their inner world.

Discovering your professional sweet spot is only possible when one considers the potential reward. What if… work could be ‘fun’? (Are we even supposed to enjoy our work?)

Are you hungry for the change that will fill your soul? Are you ready to discover your sweet spot?

The world needs you to come alive to who you are truly meant to be.

Be the one.

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