Simon believes that work is a necessary evil.

He believes that showing up everyday to the office is a major feat. He believes that he is just a shy, introverted person and never challenges himself to grow. He was relieved to get a permanent job that has benefits like medical aid and a pension plan.

Yet Simon is frustrated at his job. He has a lot to say but struggles to speak up at meetings. He is unable to set healthy boundaries with his demanding boss. Every day, on the drive home from work, he fantasizes about winning the lottery and escaping to a deserted island where there are no people – and therefore no stressors.

Do you know anyone like Simon? Have you worked with a Simon? How would you interact with him if he was a member of your team? What do you think his life is going to look like in 5, 10, 15 years from now if he never addresses his limiting beliefs?

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