It’s weird how most of the information we receive about work these days is how much we need to escape it.

There are whole industries dedicated to enticing you on expensive holidays to some exotic destination – all to escape the evils of work. Work is not some evil dragon, waiting in the dark to consume you with the fire of fury. It’s simply, as the dictionary defines it: “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.”

Does it take some effort to brush your teeth in the morning? Or to make that cup of coffee that helps you face the day? What about comparing the work load of an office worker with a construction worker? What measures of effort would you use to calculate what work was done in an eight hour time period?

If you choose to see work as a curse, you will live under the burden of strain, pain and pressure – just waiting for the moment when you can escape into that next beer, walk on the beach or shopping expedition.


If this was what you did all day – for years – you lose your mind.


Your work is not separate from you. Work presents an opportunity. It gives you the gift of growth. Everyday. Whether you unwrap it or not. The way that you lean into the invitation to allow your work to sculpt your character, will determine your level of success in life.

You bring who you are to everything that you do. The way you brush your teeth, or make your bed (or not) or answer emails or deal with your colleagues.

What is it going to take for you to bring your best to work?

Monday motivation: What will change this week if I allow the gift of work before me to help me grow?

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