I saw this snarly thought on a bumper sticker this morning: “I had a life – but my job ate it.”

I was on my way to the office – on a Sunday. Not because I had to – but because I wanted to spend some time to get ahead of things.

There is something melodically beautiful about the quiet calm of Sunday afternoons… the way that the gentle breeze rolls the hair from your face, is almost like the hand of God caressing your cheek…

I was enjoying the day and just appreciating the place where God has brought me to. There were certain things that I wanted when I was younger and now – in my mid-thirties – I realise that your plans only take you in a specific direction. Its God who works out the details.

We have somehow turned work into some form of punishment. This is why we worship Fridays and dread Mondays. We have forgotten that work is an integral aspect of the human experience.

God Himself expended energy in creating this earth. Creation requires work.

In our grumbling and complaining about the work we do, we miss the wonderful opportunity to create possibilities through our labour. We have the power to impact lives, to influence decisions, to take things forward.

If you go to work – disdaining it – you will be eating resentment and frustration along with your lunch every day.

What if you adopted a fresh approach? What if you decided to give you best – allowing the work you do to shape your character? Promotion comes to those who give more than they expect, who have a bigger plan for their lives other than the current job they are engaged in.

Faithfulness in your work always has a sure reward.


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