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We firmly believe that it is possible to live from a place of wholeness amid a broken world and have designed training programmes to help individuals create harmony in the areas of relationships, career and finances.


Our approach to training takes a ‘deep dive’ the roots of behaviour and underlying motivation. We are intentional about helping employees to uncover their core beliefs about work, identity, value and purpose. If there is no real heart change, there can be no lasting behavioural change.

First Year @ Work

 A comprehensive intern and graduate training programme aimed at assisting early career professionals make a confident transition into the world of work.

Wholeness @ Work

A customisable development programme that supports the whole person, designed to uncover hidden barriers to success across the employee life cycle.

Whole Woman

We can’t ignore the impact of Gender Based Violence in the workplace. This essential support programme helps women who are currently victims of abuse to reclaim their personal power.

Content training design

We develop training content in consultation with our clients to assist in the creation of a comprehensive training and development resource library.

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