Employees are searching for meaning

Wholeness@Work programs support professionals throughout the employee life cycle. From pipeline, onboarding to role change or even retrenchment, every individual deserves whole person support.

Employers are facing increasing pressure to support employees and manage workforce risk factors such as worker satisfaction and workforce productivity.

People disengage from work when they feel disconnected.


Intrinsic motivation is a unique iceberg of meaning, and this is usually the “heart” stuff that is tricky to tackle during office meetings.

We help your people with their “heart stuff, addressing the ‘deeper’ aspects of employee wellbeing, including mental wellbeing, social wellbeing, financial wellbeing, personal growth and purpose.

Managing money in the real world
This practical course, with its accompanying book, helps employees tackle debt, save for retirement, and reduce financial stress.
Becoming a global professional
This program helps employees assess their future fit score, identify skills gaps and design a unique map of meaning for relationships, work and money.
Understanding the business of work
This is a customised program for early career professionals to help them understand the complexities of the workplace and to find their feet.


PALESA MOTHAPO, PHD Head: Postdoctoral Research Support at Stellenbosch University

One of the best outcomes was the mental wellness and financial mastery courses, which helped our postdocs immensely. The holistic focus on personal development looking at how our vision, goals and purpose are aligned, coupled with building more practical skills for personal management is the most amazing part of the training. Through shared experiences, the workshops always creates a safe space to really explore some of the core issues limiting us.

Lorraine Kruger Operations Director at Effective Human Intervention

“Cheryl worked with us on our Women in Leadership Event in PE and she presented on "Lead from Power, not Pain". She had a tremendous impact on the ladies, there were quite a few in tears while listening to her story. Cheryl rated as one of our top speakers and was referred to as ‘inspiring’ and ‘powerful’. We will be booking Cheryl for our next event. If you are looking for impact, inspiration and motivation, then Cheryl is highly recommended.”

Dr. Manfred Molomo Faculty Manager at the University of the Pretoria

Cheryl worked with us at the University of Pretoria as an intervention for one of our departments. She conducted a full day training on values, personality profiles and team dynamics. The training had a far greater impact than expected. She was able to address the root causes of poor employee performance, lack of employee engagement and motivation. We will definitely highly recommend Cheryl as she is knowledgeable and up to date in her field and presents her material professionally.

Nugent Lewis Deputy Director: Postgraduate Office Head: Postgraduate Student Funding and Support, Stellenbosch University

Thanks for your context-driven, application based training for our postgraduates, Cheryl. "No one ever taught me these things before" - typical feedback that we receive after your sessions. I am confident that this innovative approach allows for our postgraduates, diverse and multicultural, further tools to not only navigate their postgraduate studies but certainly post-university life in general. Would definitely recommend your services to any organisation, especially those producing young talent.

    Some of our clients include:

    Cheryl Benadie

    the wholeness guide

    Cheryl is an inspirational speaker and author who delivers thought-provoking presentations that challenge audiences to harness their innate power and become the heroes in their own lives.

    This iconoclastic first-generation professional has navigated 16 job titles, eight industries and three careers over 25 years, so she understands a thing or two about constantly reinventing yourself to meet the changing demands of the working world.


    Corporate Offerings

    Graduates are anxious about career opportunities as they enter a tenuous job market. Organisations are struggling to create a more human workplace. What is needed to answer the call for a safe and productive work reality is embracing Wholeness@Work.

    Wholeness is defined as having integrity, being full and complete, living from the inside out and creating harmony in the areas of relationships, career and finances.

    A wholeness approach to work also alleviates anxiety and burnout, helping employees to be intrinsically motivated and driven by purpose.

    Discover the Hero Within​
    Supporting professionals to bolster mental health through wholeness.
    Wholeness@Work Programme​
    Assisting employees to manage anxiety and burnout through holistic personal mastery.
    Unpacking the Business of Work​
    Guiding early career professionals on the fundamentals of the working world.

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