Three Parts of EMPLOYEE Wholeness



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Employees disengaged at work according to Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report 2017


Sick Days or Absence due to Workplace Conflict


Debt to Income Ratio in South Africa (2018) *Old Mutual Survey


We offer transformational talks to a wide variety of audiences, with the primary aim of inspiring individuals to embrace the work of restoring wholeness in their lives.

Current talks on offer:

  • Winning in the Workplace
  • The Power of Wholeness
  • Understanding the Mind of First Generation Professionals
  • Shifting from Surviving to Thriving
  • Removing Victim Speak in our Workplaces


Our primary training offerings, which cover the areas of Relationships, Career and Finances, can be tailor made to suit your need.

We can provide a variety of in-house solutions or customised interventions that will address the personal development needs of your team.


Our unique wholeness approach to workshops provides practical – yet incisive – tools to individuals to get to the heart of the barriers holding them back from living the best version of themselves. In the “Bringing Your Best To Work” offering, we focus on personal responsibility, developing a sense of purpose and assimilating the fundamentals of personal growth process to achieve a lifetime of significance.


Our coaching intervention focuses on helping individuals within organisations apply the power of wholeness in their lives.

By helping them to connect the dots of how each area of their lives need to synch together in order to create personal harmony, we are able to cultivate healthier workplaces by boosting the emotional health of employees.


Whole Person Enterprises is founded on a basic philosophy:

“People bring their whole selves to work”

Why do we believe that? Because human beings cannot separate who they are from the work that they do.

Most people never really learn how to create harmony in their relationships, careers and finances. If one aspect of this delicate internal balance is out of sync, it results in internal chaos which inevitably shows up in the workplace.

Creating positive employee engagement and retention levels are a constant challenge for most companies. If you want your employees to bring their best to work, then you need to support the whole person.


At it’s core, WPE helps to ignite hope in those who have lost hope in an area of their lives.

  • Authenticity: We believe that one’s personal power is inextricibaly tied to their authentic selves.
  • Compassion: Good leaders influence the world around them becuase of the empathy they exhibit in the form of compassion.
  • Honesty: In a world that sorely lacks honesty on various levels, this is a core value of WPE operations.
  • Inner harmony: An individual is made up three parts: spirit, soul, body. These parts operating in harmony strengthens people from the inside out.


Our focus is helping people achieve personal transformation from the inside out.

We aid this process by:

  • Igniting hope
  • Encouraging people to dream again
  • Supporting them to take positive action
  • Teaching experiementation with tracking of results
  • Showcasing how to cultivate lasting positive change


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